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Intervention approach

All MAFOBA actions aim at social cohesion, socio-economic reintegration and community development of women and girls through:


MAFOBA wants to give hope to destitute young girls, mother-mothers, sex workers, help them return to school and / or continue vocational training in trades and learn to read and write (literacy) regardless of the age required for women and girls victims of armed conflict ...). School support for female children, construction and rehabilitation of school infrastructure ,


In the health program, MAFOBA is focusing more on SSHR (Sexual and reproductive health): Prevention and fight against child marriages and early and forced unions; awareness and training on the risks of clandestine and unsafe abortion and the prevention of pregnancy unwanted through modern methods of contraception; mother-child health; Puberty and management education menstrual hygiene ...)


MAFOBA also focuses on the economic and social empowerment of women and the emergence of female leadership (Restoration of livelihoods through agropastoral revival, economic activities and support for women's groups for socio-economic recovery contributing to the stabilization of the community; emergence of female leadership: Capacity building of women and development of a culture of peace, gender, democratic values ​​for empowerment and good governance)


The MAFOBA environment program intervenes in (Water and sanitation; the fight against deforestation, forest degradation and loss of biodiversity in target provinces of Burundi target provinces of Burundi .

Human rights

Failure to respect basic human rights, especially those women and children is a serious problem across the region of Grand Lacs. Armed groups continue to commit serious human rights violations, including the killing of civilians, raping and recruiting children. Domestic violence and is common in families, and attitudes lead to limited opportunities for women and girls who are not considered equal to men and to the boys. Many married women are treated as property by their husbands and are not allowed to make their own choices in life. The legal system does not work effectively, so that perpetrators of sexual violence and other crimes are rarely brought to justice. MAFOBA strives to raise awareness of human rights in the whole community and support victims of violence sexual and other gender-based violence.


MAFOBA never misses out on campaigning for advocacy and advocacy women to mobilize efforts to put pressure on governments and people or influential entities at local, National, Regional and International levels to stop the violations rights of women and humans in particular and to draw attention to these violations. Rights, it's for everyone, here and elsewhere. Help us! Take part in campaigns