MAFOBA is a non-profit association (asbl) initiated in 2015 by Burundian girls and women and approved by the Ministry of the Interior, patriotic training and communal development by Ministerial Ordinance No. 530 / 1460DU29 / 10/2018. MAFOBA is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) who works for the promotion of socio-economic rights, peace, leadership, integration, socio-economic reintegration and social cohesion of essentially rural communities. Our target group is particularly women and girls in rural areas, victims of social inequalities and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). MAFOBA is structured from as follows: 1. a general assembly (GA), 2. A supervisory committee (SC), 3.A board of directors (BD) and an executive secretariat (ES). The BD is made up of six members, namely; a President, a vice-president , a consultant in charge financial affairs (treasurer), a gender / gender advisor, an expert in charge of campaign mobilization and the executive secretary, sitting speechless deliberative.

The goal of MAFOBA is to improve conditions and economic conditions of rural and out-of-school and vulnerable girls and young women.